Easy to learn, hard to master.

An intriguing and alluring game for thinking people.


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  • Ages 8 & Up

    2 Players

    Be the First to Create 2 Tetragons. (Squares)

    Now you win!... Or do you?

    Real Hard Wood Play pieces, Maple and Walnut!

    "Introducing; Tetragon! The addictive new strategy game that will make you put down your coffee, book, facebook, sudoku or whatever you are into, and indulge your senses into a world of geometric simplicity and beauty that will challenge your mind, and may reveal your inner personality.

    Tetragon is elegant, sophisticated, yet beautifully simplistic. Real face to face interaction for two! Game on!

    Games can take 15 minutes to over an hour, depending on the match-up.

    Real Maple & Walnut play pieces! Great game to play! Visually Stunning! Tetragon is a Modern Classic! Move over Checkers & Chess! It is time to Play Tetragon!"

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