Mini Thinking Putty

Bounce It! Knead It! Tear It! Stretch It! Pop It! Twist It!

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Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Mini

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  • Genuine Thinking Putty from Crazy Aaaron's Puttyworld is proudly made in the USA with thte help of exceptional individuals challendged with intellectual and physical disabilities. They work as a team to develop vocational skills and economic self-sufficiency.


    Crazy Aaron's Mini Putty comes in multiple types, when choosing a "Type" from the menu please consider the following:

    Glow Types -- Glow in the dark

    Hypercolor Types -- Change color based on temperature

    Illusion Types -- Color-shifting 

    Electric Types -- Very vibrant "electric" colors

    Primary Types -- Bold, basic colors

    Made in the USA

    For ages 3+

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