There are SO MANY great reasons to join Harbour Village as a member.  Whether it be purchasing a Condo site, or a UDI membership, becoming a solid part of our community will provide you with a guaranteed place to come to in order to relax and have an amazing time!

As a Member of Harbour Village, you will receive 5 full-access wristbands to our features and amenities! With a different themed weekend every weekend from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and activities for all ages, there is always something to do!

Condo Membership

Condo members own a deed to a physical lot in the park.  These members are responsible for paying their own electricity as well as property taxes. 


As part of the ownership, Condo members may participate in the annual vote for the member's Board of Directors.

2021 Maintenance Fees

  • $1886.00.

UDI Membership

UDI members own a deed, however, it is not to a physical property or lot in the park.  This membership is more along the lines of a timeshare; whereas members are allowed to come camping in the park for up to 21 consecutive days and then MUST be out of the park for 7 consecutive days.


Any person who holds a UDI deed can also get special pricing on a Seasonal site which they can be on for the entire season!

2021 UDI Memberships

  • Traditional UDI - $1478

  • 1 Year UDI Seasonal: $2583

  • 3 Year UDI Seasonal: $2345