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Frequently Asked Questions

Check Ins

Can I leave my trailer on-site the night before/after my reservation?

You may, but it will be 50% of the nightly rate for the site and we ask that you do not connect to the water or electric.

What time is check-in?

Check-in is at 3pm.

Can I check-in early?

Early check-ins are based on availability. You must call the office the day before you are scheduled to come in, or the day of to ask if your site is available for early check in. If there was no one on the site the night before we will allow you to check-in prior to 3pm but there will be an early check-in fee of $10/hour.

What do I do if I will be coming in after office hours?

If you are aware ahead of time, please call the office prior to it closing and let them know that you will not be in until after they close. We will put your site tag, car pass and a map marked with the best route to your site on the office door and you will have to check in with the office the following morning.

Can I put an additional tent on my site with my camper?

All of our sites are allowed up to one camper AND one tent, or two tents excluding our tent only sites. Tent Village is allowed TWO tents and Rustic Sites are allowed ONE tent. Park Models are allowed ONE tent on the site.

How many vehicles am I allowed on my site?

Each site is allowed 2 vehicles except for our tent only sites, they are only allowed one car per site. Any additional vehicles may be parked in our Overflow Lot which is the gravel lot located at the very front of our park. All vehicles parked in the campground need to have car passes or they are subject to ticketing/towing so please stop in the office for additional car passes when necessary.

How many people are allowed on a site?

We do not necessarily have a limit. Each site will come with 5 wristbands automatically, any additional wristbands are $10/person but they are valid for your entire stay.

Am I able to pull through a site to get into my site?

All of our sites are BACK IN sites excluding our designated "Pull Thru" sites. All campers must be backed in so that the tongue is facing the road. No exceptions! Do not drive through another site to get into yours, it will cause damage to the park and you could face a fine for doing so.


Do you have any open seasonal sites?

We have a waiting list for our seasonal sites, and our seasonal customers are not permitted to sell their sites personally. If you contact the office the staff will happily add you to the waiting list.

Do you have any "permanent" sites available?

Our seasonal sites are not permanent sites and we have a waiting list for them. However, we have Condo Sites that are privately owned and may be for sale. The owners are not required to tell us that they are selling their site but the ones that we are aware of can be found on "Become a Member" page by clicking on the "Condo Lots For Sale" button. The best way to find out what is for sale is to take a drive through the park and look for "For Sale" signs.

How can I access the Seasonal Section of the website if I am a Seasonal Customer?

Click on the "Log In" button in the top right corner of the main screen and put in your information. You will have to send your full name and Seasonal site number once you get the automated response asking for it and then you will be approved.

How do I access the Members Only Site?

Click the "Members Only Site" tab and put in your information. You will need to send your full name and Condo lot number or UDI number once you receive the automated response asking for it and then you will be approved.

What are the Seasonal and/or Condo lot rates?

Seasonal rates are subject to change every year, as are the condo rates. The most current rates can be found on the "Becoming a Member" page nestled in the "Info" tab.

Water Park

What are the pool hours?

Our Activity Pool (the one with the big water slides) hours can be found here. Our Adult Pool hours can be found here. Our Oasis Swimming Pond is open daily from dawn until dusk.

How tall do you have to be to ride the water slides?

You must be 48" tall, excluding shoes, in order to ride our large water slides.

Am I allowed to bring a large umbrella or canopy into the pool for shade?

We do not allow large umbrellas or canopies inside the gated area of the pool.

Am I allowed to come swim if I am not camping there?

We sell day pass wristbands for the water park that will also allow you access to the other amenities. The cost for wristbands can be found on our Rates page.

Park Models

What time can we check into our Park Model?

Park Models have a strict 3PM check in for cleaning purposes, however, you may stop in the office prior to check-in and get your wristbands to enjoy the park while you wait to check into your unit.

What do we have to bring when staying in a Park Model?

Park Models do not have any linens or cookware of any kind. You will need to bring your own sheets, pillows, towels, plates/bowls, cups, silverware and pots/pans.

How many people can we have in a Park Model?

All of our Park Models will sleep 8 people comfortably but you are also allowed one tent on the site.

Do you require a deposit for your Park Models?

We require a $100 deposit for our Park Models. The deposit is required at time of reservation and will be returned to you once we determine that the Park Model is in the same condition as it was rented in. Please keep in mind that it may take up to 2 weeks to be returned to a debit or credit card depending on the bank and/or card issuer.


When do you start taking reservations for the following season?

We begin taking reservations on the first Monday in December for the following season.

What do you require down at time of reservation?

We require that all reservations are paid in full at the time of reservation.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel 2 weeks before you are scheduled to come in you will recieve a full refund minus any booking fees, if you cancel between 2 weeks and 48 hours before the date you are scheduled to come in you will receive a 50% refund and if you cancel less than 48 hours before the date you are scheduled to be here you will not receive any refund. For example, if you are scheduled to come in on 15th, you would have to call prior to the 1st for a full refund and prior to the 13th to receive a 50% refund. If you call on the 1st you would receive the 50% refund and if you call on the 13th you would not receive a refund.

The weekend I want to come camp is showing no openings on the website, what do I do?

If the website is showing there are no openings, there are absolutely no openings, but you may call the office to be added to a waiting list for that weekend and we will call you if there are any cancellations.

Do you rent golf carts?

We rent golf carts for $50/night. They are able to be picked up at 3PM and will need to be returned by 11AM on the final day of reservation. The golf carts are electric and need to be charged every night, so the pick up and return times are so that we can guarantee that they will be charged for the next customer.

Do you have any Full Hook-up sites?

All of our sites, except for our Rustic Tent Sites, have water and electric hook-ups, we do not have any sites that have sewer hook-ups. We have 3 dump stations that you may use to empty your tanks.